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‘Ganesha Pooja Sampoorna Kit’ by Venugopala Swamy Lankothu provides a comprehensive ‘puja’ kit for Vinayaka Chavithi

It is four days to Vinayaka Chavithi and one can see stalls of Ganesha idols coming up across the city. A day before the festival, the bazaars are crowded with shoppers buying the Ganesha idol, flowers and patri for puja . During this last-minute shopping, one has to manoeuvre through terrible traffic and crowds and also face overprice. Imagine how easy it would be if one can just order a Ganesha kit without travelling anywhere.

‘Ganesha Pooja Sampoorna Kit’ by Aaradhya is an innovative attempt by Venugopala Swamy Lankothu which brings this kit to your doorstep. In 2015, this senior web designer of Foxfire Technologies created a clay Ganesha for Vinayaka Chavithi. “We kept this one-and-half-feet idol in the office and celebrated the festival,” he recalls. He has been interested in art since his childhood. Last year, he made a 3 ft clay idol.

Venugopala observes although the idol is made in clay, most of them carry the puja material in plastic covers. “The puja calls for 21 types of leaves used in patri. Finding this is a challenge as in the market, one gets to see only 10 types of leaves. Taking advantage of the sentiments some of the hawkers sell weeds and plants as special puja leaves.”

After researching, he came up with this unique puja kit and credits his company managing director Amar Yalavarthy for the encouragement. Besides the Ganesha idol, coconut, puja vidhanam book (Telugu and English), tambulam, panchamrutam, sesame oil and akshintalu are among the 18 items that go into the kit. Jute bags, cardboard and paper packaging material are used to make the kit completely eco-friendly.

He reveals 300 Sampoorna kits are being provided for the festival and till now 110 pre-bookings have been done. “I am handling it alone by balancing office and preparing these kits,” he states, adding that these kits will be delivered to people on August 24. One can pay through paytm, bank account or opt for cash on delivery option. Enthused by the response, Venugopala plans to do something on these lines for Dasara and Deepavali too.

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