About us

Welcome to Aaradhya Enterprises
It is a dream come true for me to establish Aaradhya Enterprises, while working as a Senior Web Designer with Foxfire Technologies at Hyderabad, a dream that started off in my childhood playing and making small Ganesh clay idols. With the same interest, enthusiasm and artistic thoughts, every year I was preparing a 4 feet Ganesha clay idol at my workplace for Ganesh Chaturthi, which was always received with the best of spirits by my friends and colleagues. My passion for divine worship, spiritual teachings, faith and concern for the environment are the driving forces that made me come up with this eco-friendly innovation.

All of us are devoted but fail to perform the associated rituals due to lack of time and other constraints. Although the idol is made of clay, most of us carry pooja materials in plastic covers which is the cause for polluting the environment. Ganesh pooja is traditionally done with 21 types of patri, but one gets to see only 10 types of leaves in the market. To address these sentiments and devout feelings, I have been witness to some of the hawkers selling weeds along with plants as special pooja leaves. These acts made me think deeper about the possible ways to simplify the process so as to enable everyone to perform our rituals with a positive spirit and inner peace.

Soon after, the thought of having these idols prepared and making them easily available to all at their doorstep including all the necessary materials required for the pooja excited me a lot. I researched for one year about the places where idols are prepared, materials used and the availability of 21 types of patri. Support came in from all sides, especially from my current company's Managing Director Amar Yalavarthy who motivated me in bringing shape to Aaradhya and its first product - "Ganesh Pooja Sampoorna Kit".

Besides the Ganesh idol, coconut, pooja vidhanam book(Telugu and English), tambulam, panchamrutham, sesame oil and akshintalu are among the 18 items that go into the kit. Jute bags, cardboard and paper packaging material are used to make the kit completely eco-friendly. We also provide a virtual pooja link, so that you can perform the pooja by watching the video in the absence of a purohith.

Aaradhya's motive is not profits but done more to address the inner desire and simplify things as a service. As things unfold we have grand plans for Dussehra,Diwali and Varalakshmi Vratham in future and will keep you updated.

- Venugopala Swamy Lankothu