Sampoorna Pooja Kit ( 88 reviews)

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Supriya (2021-09-14 05:24:34)

Very nice kit. Value for money. Well packed and we organised. I ordered it for the first time from Aaradhya and I am very much satisfied with the kit. Ganesh ideal is so beautiful , 21 patri with tags ,glass bottle for Ganga gel, honey, cow ghee.... and all pooja items are well packed in jute bags which are echo friendly. Thanks Aaradhya team for such a great initiative and for the wonderful kit.

S d Sastry Dhulipala (2021-09-13 17:38:53)

Very very happy to book this kit,it’s really wonderful everything is packed very nicely in the eco friendly way very happy,even patri is in good quantity But only thing is missed one patri.overall happy with kit I just loved the bottle which were given for Ganga jal,cow ghee..will be giving five stars if it’s delivered home and taken care of patri also can add small umbrella

satya devi Medisetti (2021-09-13 14:40:34)

Nice kit and well packing of items. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

Himanth Nag (2021-09-12 16:28:44)

I just order this kit only for 21 types of leaves but for disappointment there are no Devadaru, no brihati. Hallow idols are not worthy for worship

Appalaraju (2021-09-12 06:27:34)

We are very happy with the kit. Everything is packed so meticulously and even small things are taken care. It is a blessing to get 21 patri. Very much thankful for sending to Chennai.

Madhu Babu Garlapati (2021-09-11 09:13:49)

Patri quality is bad. Please concentrate only on Idol and patri. Do not force customers to buy all the items.

KarthiKeyan (2021-09-11 08:31:21)

It's a dream come true for me, Mr Venu Gopal swamy, your special consideration of sending 21patris to Bangalore I'm really shocked & suprised for your effort. (None of other person I contacted are not ready for this, but I'm out of words to thank you)

Kiran Kumar Kadali (2021-09-11 06:24:08)

Very neatly packed. All pooja essentials provided. One feedback/request...patri is very well.labeled, however, for couple of them there are no leaves, only twigs were there.

B Venkata Raju (2021-09-11 05:54:12)

Very satisfied with the product. Vinayaka moorty is beautiful. Suggestions: Please do some research on how to keep patri fresh, as it gets dull by the time it is used. Thank you.

ADIYOGI (2021-09-11 05:13:08)

It has shown your highest standards of professionalism, dedication, intention. Only for 21 pathri I have placed the order, rest all are bonus. Next time Please provide 21 pathri in good condition, as 1 or 2 are in xxxx condition due to preserving water itself. Thank you sooooo much.

Meka Ajay (2021-09-11 04:47:41)

It's excellent & great work.

Balabhadrapatruni gayathri (2021-09-11 04:01:17)

Really very satisfied for the kit, very good service. Swamy murthy was really attractive, very good packing.

Satyanarayana Rao (2021-09-11 03:38:14)

Puja Kit was very good. Swamy Moorthy was beautiful.packing was good. Keep going. All the best. Just a suggestion. Please add raw fruits like Velaga, Maaredu, Seetaapal, Jaama, etc for completing Palavelli . Add more Mango leaves.

Sai Bhavya Medapareddy (2021-09-11 03:38:07)

Excellent packing of all items. Very happy to see All items at one place in an ecofriendly kit. .Only request if you could add fruits and flowers( non perishable) , we don't need to go out for them explicitly. Might be Covid, you guys avoided home delivery but if we have this .. It's 5 Star service.

Sowjanya Kintada (2021-09-11 03:13:16)

I’m very happy with the all the pooja items. The Ganesha was very nice. All the pooja items were well packed and of good quality. Few things which might be helpful are if you can do home delivery instead of pickup and also if you can provide the option in your website to order additionals like flowers, fruits and items we tie to the palavelli. Then it would be like one place to go for all. But I’m very happy the way you organised it and also the pooja book is very well scripted and instructions are well understood.

Kokkala Giridhar (2021-09-11 02:44:53)

Xlent Items As u sent . I was surprised The Way u Packed and sent. I was very much impressed with your items

J v g KRISHNA (2021-09-11 02:28:19)

Chala bagundi

Manas P (2021-09-11 02:00:00)

The kit was excellent. Helped me a lot. This is the forat time only I was performing. Betel leaves were a little damaged. The packaging was excellent and the jute bags are very useful

Deepika Rao (2021-09-10 23:29:19)


Deeksha (2021-09-10 20:23:42)

Well packed and worthy!! Thank you!

Sasi Prakash Putcha (2021-09-10 18:21:39)

We are thoroughly happy with your plan and the flawless distribution is awesome. We could offer 21 types of Patri to lord Ganesha because of the service provided by you. Thank you so much and requesting to continue this.

Sai nadh reddy (2021-09-10 18:12:27)

Very Very beautiful and Very useful ganesh kit. unique and different approch for everyone. Anyone can do pooja with is kit. I will purchase for future festival a well.

Sambasivarao Paduchuri (2021-09-10 18:12:12)

Packing of items superb, idol excellent

Sambasivarao (2021-09-10 18:10:07)


Jonnalagadda Kiran (2021-09-10 18:02:41)

Suggesting to add umbrella too nd names of patri..some patri got damage but overall I am satisfied ..idol is excellent

Adhitya (2021-09-10 17:55:59)

Hi the price is too high, a middle class person cannot afford could get same at low cost in market ofcourse it is home delivery and ease to all but would have less price so you get more orders

Prakash Nerllimarla (2021-09-10 17:38:09)

I had this kit for the 1st time and I really liked the way it is packed and delivered.

RADHIKA (2021-09-10 17:37:05)

Beautiful Ganesha- Excellent craftsmanship and very kind expression Thoughtful and all comprehensive packaging. But Patri - 50% spoilt / rotten

Ch.sreekara padman (2021-09-10 17:31:42)

Ok patri should be named and some patri is damaged but others fine

Ravi Babu (2021-09-10 17:26:30)

Five years in a row..... I referred almost 25+ of my friends to Aaradhya Kit......

LRVENKATESWARANo (2021-09-10 17:22:29)

A very usefull complete with all essentials for the Pooja .For elderly people this kind of help is very comfortable and happy. Thank you.

V Ganesh Vara Prasad (2021-09-10 17:22:18)

The Ganesh Idol is very good. The Patri given is good. But certain items have damaged. The whole concept of arranging all the items required for the Vinayaka chavithi puja is very nice . I took it last year also.

Arun (2021-09-10 17:21:10)

I liked the idol, and the pooja kit too. This kit contained everything but I felt that the pathri was not so fresh. Rest all have been utilised. Thank you all.

Suresh Rayani (2021-09-10 17:19:37)

Everything was amazing but Patri has spoiled, specially idol is superb

Manoj (2021-09-10 17:14:48)

Great, the kit covered all the items needed for pooja. Excellent packing. Thanks to Aaradhya team

Srinivas Chilakala (2021-09-10 17:13:38)

Well arranged , great

Ravi (2021-09-10 17:13:05)

Liked the idol and packaging.

Dr.Niveditha (2021-09-10 17:12:05)

Excellent packing and ecofriendly in all ways. Very innovative and economical . Keep up the good work.

Satish (2021-09-10 17:09:48)

I am giving 3start cz its too expensive. Same we would have get it outside at low price .

Viswa Teja (2021-09-10 17:05:19)

Great service, lovely idol and kit

Rajender (2021-09-10 16:34:31)

Really amazing kit. Liked the idol & the eco froemdly packaging.

Mohan (2021-09-10 15:47:59)

Packing everything so nice..

Vikram y (2021-09-10 15:44:20)

Great grouping of what is needed for pooja. Pooja book should have simplied version where kalasaradana not involved. Lot of commitment in providing bio friendly ganapathi and bio friendly packing Ekavimsati patra with numbers is amazing. Providing optional packing can be helpful in future. For example, i may not need match box, oil, diya etc. As pooja is performed at home.

Sricharan (2021-09-10 15:25:06)

A lot of effort has been put into the making of this kit.. Keep up the good work. Its really amazing

J s kalyana rama (2021-09-10 14:52:53)

Extradinary products

J v gopalakrishna (2021-09-10 14:51:28)


U Venkata Chalapathi Rao (2021-09-10 14:11:39)

Excellent . More care should be on Patri packing.Instead of numbering of Patri, Names could have been more useful.

Srinivasa Raju (2021-09-10 13:55:03)

The product is so good, you have given everything. Nowadays in market few are not available, but you covered those also.

M V PRASAD (2021-09-10 13:52:29)


Akunuri Pratap (2021-09-10 13:49:52)

This was a very happy and peaceful Ganesh chaturthi. Pooja was performed as per the tradition with the 21required patri. Thanks to Aaradhya. Keep it up.

Jay (2021-09-10 13:36:43)

The packing is good and we'll organized. Patri packing and labeling of 21 pathrams was really helpful. However, some of the pathrama leaves are have come in a dry state and cannot be used for puja Esre dried.

GOLLAPUDI RAMESH (2021-09-10 13:28:32)

Sir Excellent packing and liked so much of Patri items with respective labels. Very much satisfied. Jai Ganesh Thanks Ramesh G

Madhuru (2021-09-10 13:18:32)

Excellent kit very well organised but what i felt is if u include even flowers it would be good

Arun (2021-09-10 13:16:52)

Very good kit my mom was super happy.please continue the good work.

Ashwin Kumar Madala (2021-09-10 13:12:30)

Very thoughtfully packed, the kit has all the necessary ingredients which are elegantly packed and are eco-friendly.

Triveni naidu (2021-09-10 13:12:29)

Its wonderful kit 21 types off patri is not a simple thing it’s too much hard work for giving 21 types off patri and idol Pooja items also super I think the cost of kit is too much but after receiving the kit 1200 is not enough because the Items in the kit are so many and pure eco friendly thanks a lot to Aaradhya Team

KALYAN (2021-09-10 12:55:53)

From the beginning we are availing your service which is superb. The kit you provide with everything is so perfect. We do the nimajjanam in a plant pot that's so economical friendly. As an outcome of nimajjanam if plants grow through that mud it would be much more satisfying. Thank you very much.

Suraj (2021-09-10 12:55:39)

Excellent eco-friendly puja a lot! Loved the packing and the care taken in packing all the puja items. One thing that can be improved is the pooja vidhaanam booklet. Quite a few printing mistakes. Request to proof read and get the same corrected. Totally recommend it to one and all. I’d get this kit every year

K K Raju (2021-09-10 12:53:11)

Some items of Patri spoiled other wise no problem.

Bhaskara (2021-09-10 12:46:49)

Leaves in the kit are unusable for pooja. All the leaves are dried and some are with fungus. The price is on the very high side.

Shilpa Reddy Kowlur (2021-09-10 12:35:18)

I can say thanks, this is my second time ordering and we are always satisfied.

Shyam (2021-09-10 12:09:01)

Very impressive

NAGAVASUDHA (2021-09-10 12:07:47)

Thank you for organizing everything in one kit. Too good.

Rajender (2021-09-10 11:59:49)

Overall good and excellent kit, only pack of patri need some improvement and velgapandu is missing in kit ,thank you for providing in jute bag very neatly


Very nice ,packing is super.patri numbering all are good but patri little bit dried & damaged otherwise very very excellent kit.

Srikanthi Dasari (2021-09-10 11:54:12)

Over all its good . Everything that related to Ganesha Puja were available in the kit. Just felt few fruits like yelakaya , mulla kaya

Bharath (2021-09-10 11:52:41)

Thanks for including almost all needed for the pooja, but missed very important fruits like Velaga pandu etc. Should have added cow milk & curd as well for panchamrutam. Adding lotus flower & leaf would have made it the best!

Sowmya (2021-09-10 11:51:57)

All the items are packed very well n eco friendly . Leaves are seperately packed with labels attached. It was very good idea. Thank you for very good initiative

Laxmikanth (2021-09-10 11:51:32)

Very nice kit Everything is organised in an excellent manner The care taken about the products is very much appreciated The Ganesh murthi is also very good Everything is eco-friendly and plastic free Only the mantras in the book are not readable for ordinary people It would be wonderful if by next time the mantras can be in a way that any ordinary people can read and chant

Laxmikanth (2021-09-10 11:51:31)

Very nice kit Everything is organised in an excellent manner The care taken about the products is very much appreciated The Ganesh murthi is also very good Everything is eco-friendly and plastic free Only the mantras in the book are not readable for ordinary people It would be wonderful if by next time the mantras can be in a way that any ordinary people can read and chant

Naveen (2021-09-10 11:51:14)

I felt the kit was good with all the required items packed very well. Only thing I would like to have is to reduce the price of the kit as I felt it was a bit overpriced.

Srikant (2021-09-10 11:51:04)

Very nice service and well organized

Raghuveer (2021-09-10 11:50:51)

Awesome kit. Thank you very much

Manasa (2021-09-10 11:48:37)

Many leaves in the patri kit were not good. Otherwise nice

M Himabindu (2021-09-10 11:48:18)

A fabulous service done by Aaradhya team by providing the kit to public And it's worth to buy

Vinod Chakrapani (2021-09-10 11:47:59)

Need to improve pack of patri.

V V J Prasad (2021-09-10 11:46:08)

Nice. Good quality.

Vl Venkatesh (2021-09-10 11:45:50)

Excellent kit, you have done it very dedication.Thank you very much.

Sivaram T (2021-09-10 11:43:50)

Very nice and good Some printing mistakes in Telugu book

Srinivasu Mulukutla (2021-09-10 11:42:19)


Divya Tejaswi Pirati (2021-09-10 11:42:19)

Excellent kit. Everything is perfectly packed. Thank you.

Padma Angara (2021-09-10 11:41:44)

Excellent plastic free packaging. Great Had a beautiful spiritual experience when opened

Padma Angara (2021-09-10 11:40:50)

Excellent plastic free packaging. Great

Swati (2021-09-10 11:39:45)

So glad I purchased this kit. It was so well organised. Everything that was needed in the pooja was packed nicely with labels. Thanks for providing this.

Srividhya Kalidindi (2021-09-10 11:39:08)

Very good purchase all named and neatly provided in jute bags

Swathi (2021-09-10 11:36:21)

Very well packed and got all the required items.

Swathi (2021-09-10 11:15:28)

Awesome kit. Really I loved it. Thanks for providing this option to buy through online. Packing is super.

Naresh (2021-09-10 10:57:43)

Kit is amazing. Worth to buy. Thank you very much.